Betfair Tennis Trading

Tennis trading on Betfair is a great way to earn a living, especially in summer.

There are various methods. The ones we choose and favour above all others are shown below.

P.S. – By FAR the best trading strategy money can buy is Total Tennis Trader – I can’t recommend this strategy enough!

Back The Server:

This method needs a few stats checks before a game. If you have a good strong server playing against someone with a weaker serve, based on ‘first serve points won’ and ‘first serves in’ stats, you simply back the stronger server at the start of his service game, and lay the bet off to green up after he wins the game.


Lay The Server:

This method works well when you notice a game where the server is love 40 down and is about to get his serve broken. In which case you lay the server, or back the other player, greening up after the game when the serve has been broken. This is a highly profitable betfair trading strategy.


There are many other tennis trading methods for use on the Betfair trading exchange, but we prefer to stick to these two reliable methods. Enjoy your tennis trading!

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