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Laying The Draw On Betfair

lay the drawLaying the draw is a very successful method of Betfair trading. In fact it is probably by far the most well-known and profitable Betfair trading method you will find.

How do you do it? The first thing to understand about how to lay the draw is that this method requires fast access to the internet, and ideally needs a good installation of Betfair trading software. It also needs a steady nerve on the part of the trader, because it is a method which involves what is called “in play” trading. In other words, you are involved in the bet or “trade” while the ball is in play on the field, so anything can happen, and often does!

What you are looking for is a football match where the home team is a strong favourite to win the game, and the away team is a much weaker team. Ideally a top versus bottom of the league, these make the best lay the draw trades usually.

Before the game kicks off, you Lay the Draw, which means you bet against the draw being the outcome of the match. You then just sit back and wait for the home team to score a goal to go ahead in the game. When that happens, the odds of the draw rise dramatically, and at that point you then back the draw which evens up your bets and effectively provides the “exit” to the trade.

You then do a process called “greening up” which is where you place a further small back bet on the draw, to level up your profit across all possible outcomes. Once this is done, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that no matter who wins the game you have already guaranteed yourself a tasty profit in the game!

Laying the draw is by far the most popular Betfair trading method, mainly because it is easy to do, but also because it has shown consistent profits for many professional traders over many years now. Some people net in excess of £10,000 per month doing nothing but laying the draw on UK football matches!