Oldest Betfair Method – Lay The Draw

This is a great method both for beginners and professional traders.

Many people use this method and there are various different ways to approach it. Some people trade many games every day, some only a select few, maybe even just one per day. This ultra-selective approach is my favourite just because it means less effort tracking lots of games at once.

Of all the methods I have studied, the best by far is the one created by ukfootballtrading.com.

His new ebook shows a lot more detail than most traders do, and I like this as its obvious he is hiding nothing from the reader – refreshing! Click the image below to have a look for yourself…

lay the draw

Pre-race & In-Play Horse Race Trading

Watch a play-by-play action by a Betfair expert on Horse Trading. Learn how he manages to control risks and place a good money to achieve a great win. this is a great video because it does not only show trading during the race itself but also before the race. Not only that, the experts adds audio to help he viewers understand better to give more clarity and detail.

Betfair trading strategies – Getting from novice to expert

It is true that other people will always doubt your decisions and risk when starting Betfair. If you tell your family that you found a way to make a lot of money online, they would’t believe you completely initially. They would ask if it is gambling? Sure, yes it is. Although, it is a highly calculated gambling which means it can be predicted and studied, it will still have the bad reputation of gambling.   Not until you show results that other people will believe you.

So show to them that you are no longer a novice. Become an expert with the help of this video.

Do You Have An Edge at Sports Betting?

Do you have what it takes to be a sports trade expert?

The video shows how likely a better can win on sports betting. If you just finished watching the video and you didn’t understand a single thing of all the boring mathematical and arithmetic terms, let me explain everything in a nutshell.

Betting is a game of chance. Although luck plays a huge part in the trade, it is In sports betting, there is a use of statistics and probability. In other terms, we can predict the outcome of a match based on standard deviation. A sports trade expert does not just keep on picking numbers to win; he studies, analyzes, observe, and recognize patterns.

If this makes you drowsy just by reading this, then it may not be for you.

Keep dreaming big and play on!

95% Success on Sports Betting Online

Introducing a new system developed by a tenure sport betting expert. Tom guarantees that his system has 95% success rate and a very low risk rate. It sounds really too good to be true. But let’s consider if it is  true, there is still a 5% chance of failure.

Based on my personal experience, failure is inevitable. It is one of the things a person must go through to succeed in life. Betfair trading is not for everyone, especially for the players who are weak at heart where a small failure will lead them to quit. In my book, embracing failure is one of the best ways to be confident and to grow as a player.

Nevertheless, take a look and try out all sorts of systems until you fine the best one for you. Listen to experts and make sure you enjoy the ride while making loads of money.

Peter Webb teaches us How to Read and Trade a Racing Market


Betfair trading is a game in itself. There are moves you need to do to win it. There are actions that may be risk but worth it. Some moves you make may also cost you money. That is why it is vital to study and research before making such moves.


In this video, we will learn how to read and trade a racing market. Racing is a promising market  in Betfair. However, you can’t be too trusting all the time, or your money will be gone as fast as you blink. Sometimes, it’s a good day to trade, sometime’s it’s horrible. How will you know if it’s your day? Find out in this video tutorial.





Trading Betfair with Small Stakes

Sometimes, especially when we are still starting Betfair Trading, we don’t want to bet high amount of money. We are afraid we will lose so much that we have not even gained anything yet. If we are also on a tight budget but we really love to earn more money, this is the solution. This video will teach you how to bid in small stakes only. You can bet for at least $25 and the risk of losing money is really low. This sample is betting pre-horse races.

Former CEO of Betfair

It is rare to see an interview of Betfair’s big bosses on Youtube. That is why this video is a great opportunity for us to get to know of the main contributors of Betfair. David Yu, former Chief Executive Officer of Betfair,  explains the relationship of Betfair to Xoomworks- an outsourcing company. He tells us that Betfair is the world’s leading betting community and betting exchange. It’s nice to hear from one of the people who made our beloved Betfair such a big success today.

Trading Football In-play Markets on Betfair

Watch a real-time Betfair Football Trading and learn a lot about a great strategy that might get you interested. It is called the Hot Minutes Strategy. You have to be careful and cautious if you try this technique. It is very risky but if done right, it will give you very good profits. Enough with the talk and watch!

Lay the Draw Football Strategy

This strategy is called Lay the Draw. Basing on it’s name you will have an idea what this is about. If still you don’t have a clue what this is, better watch this demonstration on how this strategy is done. It is a rather old technique but still very useful and effective up to today. This very good demonstration will show you how it is to be done.

How to Become a Successful Betfair Trader

If you want to be a successful Betfair Trader, you have to learn from the experts. There is no one else who can teach you better but those people who is already as successful making money out of the Betfair Industry. What is great about this video is that this does not only teach you strategies, but it also shows and discusses the attitude and behavior you must have to become a successful Betfair Trader.

Psychology of Betfair Trading

Most people are not aware that understanding how the chart and the market works is as important as earning profit. The most necessary discipline in Betfair is having the right mindset and the right attitude in your decisions and accepting outcomes. This video shows how psychology can influence traders in their decision-making skills. Understanding how the chart and the market works is essential in Betfair trading.

Which Sports To Trade On

Before becoming a successful Betfair trader, one must choose his sport to trade on. You can of course trade on multiple sports, it’s up to you. Choosing the right sport is a very important decision to become a successful trader.

This video gives us tips on how to choose the best sport for you. There are no “best” sport that can give a person the most profit. If you are a football enthusiast, you should stick with football than with cricket. Here are the common sports you can choose from: football, tennis, racing, cricket, and darts.

Lay the Field Strategy

Lay the Field is one of the most common strategy being used in Betfair Trading. A lot of people are using this because it is simple yet effective. In this video, we will learn how to do it automatically or manually, depending on your preference. Note that in this video, the example being used is for horse racing but this can also be used in other markets.

Clearwater Academy International Advocates Goals-Oriented Education as Florida Lawmakers Rethink Common Core Standards

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

The introduction of the Common Core standards ignited a storm of confusion and controversy in education. Touted as more rigorous educational goals for primary and secondary school students, the standards are set to be fully ushered into classrooms in most states next school year, including Florida (1). Clearwater Academy International (CAI), a Tampa Bay private school, says Common Core fails to take into account the personal attributes of students. CAI encourages goals-oriented education that helps students develop the skills necessary to achieve their ambitions.

The creation of Common Core stems from the fact that American students lag behind their international peers in education. The standards are a set of language arts and math skills that students are expected to master by the end of each grade from kindergarten to grade 12. But the Common Core became a lightning rod in the summer, when conservative critics branded the education standards an example of federal overreach—vocal opponents have called on Florida to “withdraw” from the initiative and create standards of its own, prompting the Florida Board of Education to propose 98 amendments to the standards (2).

In contrast, CAI approaches education in an innovative way—students are taught subjects based on how they will apply them in life, aligning with the viewpoint that real-life experience is key for job seekers (3). Jim Zwers, Executive Director of CAI, says that the Common Core standards are too inflexible to meet the needs of each student; Zwers says that because students often have different goals for their education and future careers, CAI operates under a “goals-oriented education” approach that is designed to help students gain the experience needed to reach their personal goals. CAI’s program consists of a three-track educational system:

1. College Prep Track: Much of the academics of this track are set due to college entrance requirements. This track is heavy on math; includes high school science; as many honors courses as possible; must include solid SAT preparation so that an excellent score is achieved; and must include college courses, and ideally Advanced Placement classes. The student should also, however, have a specific career in mind.

2. Career-Oriented Track: The key aspects of this track are research, study, projects, and—most importantly—apprenticeships or internships in the area of one’s career goal. This track may also include college or other outside technical courses. By starting this in high school, the student is gaining skills and is on his or her way to a career once finished with high school.

3. Basic Education Track: The emphasis here is on smooth rapid progress; it is designed to be a three-year program instead of the traditional four-year program. This allows students who have career plans that don’t require a college education to graduate early and get started in the career of their choice.

The keynote of CAI’s education system is that students develop their goals and then actively advance toward those goals. As with anyone who is pursuing their dreams, this helps the student get him/herself into a high range of dynamic activity and production—a different range than where you might find the average American high school student. In essence, per Zwers, goals-oriented education gets students following their purpose, progressing toward their goals and then making strides towards achieving them.

“Rather than limit our students to blanket standards that designate benchmarks, we encourage our students to pursue particular goals that will assist them in flourishing once they reach adulthood,” said Zwers. “The ultimate measure of intelligence and success should not be defined by a set of standards that doesn’t take into account the individual strengths of each student.”

CAI’s curriculum involves college prep and utilizes the educational methodology of Applied Scholastics, a non-profit public benefit corporation that addresses head on the problem of illiteracy by making broadly available notable discoveries in the field of education and literacy.

CAI also offers students the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities, including, but not limited to, artistic, fine arts and performing arts programs, football, basketball and cheerleading. Many CAI students are also Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)-trained to be prepared for emergency situations that may arise in their communities.

For more information about Clearwater Academy International, please visit http://www.clearwateracademy.org.

About Clearwater Academy International:

Founded in 1984, Clearwater Academy International (CAI), an Applied Scholastics™ school, offers a fresh perspective on education by harnessing the power of its students’ goals and directing their education to align with their own interests. Its mission is to educate each child to his or her fullest potential and beyond, culminating in an eagerness to take their place in the world and contribute to society in their field(s) of endeavor. With tailor-made programs, each student becomes a priority. Students are designed individual courses that best match their own interests and skills, while also addressing any areas that need improvement. For more information, please visit http://www.clearwateracademy.org.

1.Kourkounis, Erin. “Understanding Florida’s New Common Core Standards.” TBO.com. Tampa Tribune, 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. tbo.com/news/education/understanding-floridas-new-common-core-standards-20140120/.

2.McGrory, Kathleen. “Renaming ‘Common Core’ Standards Does Little to End Florida’s Education Debate.” Tampabay.com. Tampa Bay Times, 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. tampabay.com/news/education/k12/renaming-common-core-standards-does-little-to-end-floridas-education-debate/2161811.

3.Marks, Shala. “Degree vs. Experience: Which One Truly Benefits Job Seekers?” Recruiter.com. N.p., 24 July 2013. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. recruiter.com/i/degree-vs-experience-which-one-truly-benefits-job-seekers/.

More Football Press Releases

Sports Betting Searches Rise

(PRWeb UK) September 1, 2010

Sports betting saw a notable increase in June giving casino, poker and bingo a run for their money. The latest report by independent search and social marketing agency Greenlight, ‘Gaming Sector Report – June 2010’, reveals UK consumer search for sports betting-related terms totalled 550,779. This saw the sector’s share, search-wise, increase from 18% in March to 23% in June. By contrast, poker, casino and bingo took a hit. Overall, UK consumer search for gaming-related terms was down to 2.3 million in June compared to 3 million, 2.7 million and 2.6 in March, April and May, respectively.

“Going by the search trend, it would seem June was a significant month for the sports betting industry, whilst the casino, bingo and poker sectors have seen the reverse”, says Simon Hollingsworth, lead researcher at Greenlight. “The popularity of sports betting-related searches can be explained by the various sporting events which took place in June, such as Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next quarter with the forthcoming domestic football season.”

Greenlight used industry data and proprietary technology to identify and classify 700 of the most popular search terms used by UK consumers when they went online in June to search for gaming websites and totaled the number of times each one was used. This gives an indication of the size of audience and how Google users went about their searches for gaming websites in June. Greenlight also used the data to compile its quarterly league tables. These chart the best performing websites and brands, in both natural and paid search, based on their online visibility and share of voice in relation to the most popular search terms identified.

Some key findings reveal:

    In June, poker-related terms were the most popular totalling over 773,000 searches. With 32%, poker was the only sector to hold its share of the search market. However, casino (20%) and bingo (24%) fared less well when compared to March where when their share of search stood at 24% and 26%, respectively

    888.com saw its share of voice in natural search increase 2% since March. It achieved 34% share of voice through ranking at position one for 13 of the keywords analysed including the high volume driving term ‘Casino’ which was searched for 165,000 times in June. However, it was replaced at top spot in Greenlight’s top 60 league table (charting the most visible websites), by Wikipedia

    Although Ladbrokes remained in position three, it increased its share of voice most since Greenlight’s March report (by 13%), closing the gap significantly on 888.com in natural search

    By contrast, FoxyBingo lost 3% share of voice and dropped from fourth position down to tenth. Betfred also lost 3% visibility and dropped from seventh to position 15. Although these losses in visibility do not appear significant, in a competitive market when other websites increase share of voice, visibility can be greatly affected

    Similarly, Casino.com and WilliamHillCasino do not feature in Greenlight’s top 60 gaming websites in June, but had appeared at positions four and nine respectively in March

    Achieving 26% share of voice, BingoHollywood was the most visible advertiser in June, having not featured in Greenlight’s top 60 advertisers for gaming keywords in March. Betfair and MeccaBingo.com both followed with 24%

    Although Betfair bid on more keywords analysed than any other advertiser (71), it bid at an average ad position of five and bid less often than BingoHollywood for the high volume driving terms, which accounts for its slightly lower visibility of 24%

    888Poker which came in eleventh, achieved 11% share of voice in paid search

According to Greenlight on the whole, paid search visibility for gaming websites was relatively low, compared to individual segments.

Please note: If you plan to run this story online, please link any references to Greenlight via the following:


Notes to Editors:

Greenlight is an independent specialist search and social marketing agency, the largest of its kind in Europe and the fastest growing. With over 100 blue-chip clients including Santander, Vodafone UK, New Look, Interflora, Co-operative Financial Services and ghd, and a multitude of awards to its name, Greenlight is a leader in the search marketing space, and is recognised worldwide for its commitment to delivering record ROI for its clients and investing in the future of search.

In addition, Greenlight is considered the premier thought leader in the sector, publishing widely read industry reports, original research, speaking at most trade events, and delivering a highly respected search training programme in conjunction with the IDM. Greenlight was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London, with offices in New York. http://www.greenlightsearch.com


Related Betfair Trading Press Releases

GB Group To Offer Clients AU10TIX BOS ID-Image Processsing & Authentication System As Part Of Its ID Verification Solution

Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

AU10TIX Limited, a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (ICTSF. OB), is pleased to announce they are working with GB Group, a global leading Identity Management business. GB Group will incorporate AU10TIX’s BOS ID-image processing and authentication solution as part of their ID Verification solution.

With the new system, GB Group’s clients will be able to automate much of the processing and authentication of ID images produced by customers using home scanners, digital cameras, phone cameras, etc. and submitted to GB Group’s clients online via their websites or email. AU10TIX BOS system will enable GB Group’s clients to speed-up customer verification and onboarding, boost the quality of data entering the system and add an automated layer of authentication.

With the introduction of AU10TIX BOS, GB Group will enable its clients to relieve what is now a significant bottleneck to growth, service improvement, and regulatory compliance. AU10TIX’s machine-learning-enhanced BOS platform automates the process of ID image identification, authentication and conversion to digital records, replacing a significant part of the slow and error-prone manual examination and handling. AU10TIX’s BOS system incorporates special algorithms that improve the sorting out and processing of large quantities of ID images that, when produced by customers, may vary greatly in every quality parameter.

“One can only appreciate GB Group’s vision,” says Mr Ron Atzmon, AU10TIX’s MD: “Everybody already knows that online trade and interactions are increasing significantly. But online brings with it a whole set of new challenges, including the quality of ID documents which are received as digital images. With AU10TIX’s BOS, GB Group is gaining a serious advantage in being able to handle more clients, more quickly and more effectively, easing operating bottle-necks and gaining a competitive advantage.”

John Lord, managing director at GB Group adds: “We’re delighted to be working with AU10TIX. Our solution will enable our client’s to verify document images via the web to further enhance the customer onboarding experience and eliminate the need to manually copy and send documents through the post. Internet retailing is set to soar and businesses need to review their current manual processes if they are going to have a chance of reaping the benefits of online trade. Speed and accuracy are both key to building long term customer relationships.”

About GB Group plc

GB Group is a leading Identity Management business. It helps organisations recognise and verify all elements of an individual’s identity at every interaction. Through the application of our proprietary technology, we enable organisations to connect, communicate and transact with people safely, responsibly and profitably. In doing so, we help businesses like O2, Laura Ashley, HMRC, LloydsTSB, Virgin Games, PartyGaming, Betfair and Ladbrokes understand their customers better to create more meaningful customer interactions – and reduce costs across the business.

GB Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (GBG). For more information, please visit GB Group’s website: http://www.gb.co.uk

GB Group – because identity matters™

About AU10TIX

AU10TIX Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of ICTS International N.V, deals with the authentication and digitization of identifying documents, including: Passports, identity cards, driving licenses and other complementary identifying documents. The company specializes in implementing hardware & software based applications used for scanning, identifying and acquiring identity documents, authenticating them and their owners, in real-time. The company’s products drastically reduce identity and document based fraud in organizations, reducing the costs associated with processing clients, improving compliance competence and effectiveness with related regulations, while making the sales and support operations more efficient. For more information, visit http://www.au10tix.com

About ICTS International N.V.

ICTS specializes in the development and implementation of innovative security concepts and solutions designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries, mainly aviation transportation, border control and sensitive facilities. ICTS International benefits from over two decades of expertise and international operational experience in transportation security, with a particular emphasis on high-risk environments, passenger processing transactions and the integration of security services to provide a comprehensive security solution. It also offers a wide variety of customized training programs, tailored procedures and a wide range of security consulting services. The company has developed and implemented unique technological solutions, based on its comprehensive approach to security, designed to enhance the level of security while accelerating the security check process. For more information, visit http://www.icts-int.com

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, regarding the Company’s business strategy and future plans of operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, both general and specific to the matters discussed in this press release. These and other important factors, including those mentioned in various Securities and Exchange Commission filings made periodically by the Company, may cause the Company’s actual results and performance to differ materially from the future results and performance expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release speak only as of the date hereof and the Company expressly disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in the Company’s expectations or future events.


GB Group

Maxine Morgan, Group Marketing Manager

Email: marketing(at)gb.co(dot)uk

Tel.: +44 (0) 1244 657333


Ofer Friedman, Head of Marketing

Email: ofer.friedman(at)au10tix(dot)com

Tel.: +972-50-4 71 71 50

ICTS International NV

Alon Raich + 00-972-974-47770


Scalping All Horses At The Same Time

If you just started trading in Greyhounds, do not expect to reach a huge amount of profit at first try. The markets change rapidly and unpredictably that betting low at first would be a wise idea. Everyday you can be able to trade to hundreds of races which can provide a profit which is enough for the day. It would be helpful to use a software to run these markets since they are can only be that active few minutes before the race begins.

Laying The Draw On Betfair

lay the drawLaying the draw is a very successful method of Betfair trading. In fact it is probably by far the most well-known and profitable Betfair trading method you will find.

How do you do it? The first thing to understand about how to lay the draw is that this method requires fast access to the internet, and ideally needs a good installation of Betfair trading software. It also needs a steady nerve on the part of the trader, because it is a method which involves what is called “in play” trading. In other words, you are involved in the bet or “trade” while the ball is in play on the field, so anything can happen, and often does!

What you are looking for is a football match where the home team is a strong favourite to win the game, and the away team is a much weaker team. Ideally a top versus bottom of the league, these make the best lay the draw trades usually.

Before the game kicks off, you Lay the Draw, which means you bet against the draw being the outcome of the match. You then just sit back and wait for the home team to score a goal to go ahead in the game. When that happens, the odds of the draw rise dramatically, and at that point you then back the draw which evens up your bets and effectively provides the “exit” to the trade.

You then do a process called “greening up” which is where you place a further small back bet on the draw, to level up your profit across all possible outcomes. Once this is done, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that no matter who wins the game you have already guaranteed yourself a tasty profit in the game!

Laying the draw is by far the most popular Betfair trading method, mainly because it is easy to do, but also because it has shown consistent profits for many professional traders over many years now. Some people net in excess of £10,000 per month doing nothing but laying the draw on UK football matches!

Slots on Betfair

“Slots have been around for over 125 years. During this time they have been constantly evolving, but the basic principals have always remained the same -create a win line of icons and receive a payout. On Betfair, every slot game is different, but the ways of playing and winning are relatively universal.” -Betfair

Welcome to Betfair Trading, The Easy Way!

Welcome to this Betfair trading site. We aim to give you useful and profitable advice on Betfair trading using various methods in various sports.

We are currently working on new strategies which we will be publishing soon. In the mean time we will keep you up to date with latest methods, software techniques and sporting trading strategies via youtube video links and other useful pieces of betfair trading info.